BPI Sports Blox Review- Orange

http://www.sixpacksmackdown.com This is a review for Blox, the Silk Amino Acid supplement from BPI Sports. I have never used an SAA supplement before, so I can not attest to the efficacy of…


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  1. Gabriel Davidson says:

    form looks good. Do you have access to free weights? If it was me, I would
    do preacher curls with a curl bar, and avoid the machine. Also, I am not
    sure if you were just recording your form, or if that was your actual set,
    but I would probably do more than 3 reps per set too :)

  2. Bryan TheDope says:

    Hey can u check out my video I just posted it’s me doing 130 lbs on the
    preacher curl can you tell me if I have good forum

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