Femme FIT Intra-Workout BCAA Supplement Review – MassiveJoes.com RAW REVIEW Female Women Amino Acid

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  1. Kevin Peters says:

    What’s a good pre workout for my wife that’s has NO beta alanine? She hates
    the stuff and not too crazy. 

  2. Nays Place says:

    Birthday present hint given lol

  3. dakota lepine says:

    You’re by far one of the best channels on YouTube 

  4. Jason Chesworth says:

    Skin looking great Joe (no homo)

  5. WeShallC says:

    Haven’t even finished watching weekly word and there’s already another
    bitch in this bitch :) 

  6. Cheese NHL says:

    Dude I’m a new sub and i watch your videos mainly to laugh my ass off!
    You’re so damn funny!

  7. Jake Leishman says:

    You guys should do a raw review on jym stoppani’s pro jym. 

  8. FullmetalNappa says:

    Any chance to review PRE WAR by body war nutrition, It has got a fair bit
    of hype and has some interesting ingredients

  9. Ampelios says:

    Just me or is he the white lost brother of the Hodge twins

  10. Rhyannin Kara Brown says:

    “Drop the bitch in the bitch”

  11. MescalKiD says:

    anyone else finds it funny how the flavor is pineapple…lol

  12. skua21 says:

    new sub, love the videos for laughs!
    Can you please do a review on the new APS white lightning?? 

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