Rich Piana 5% Nutrition KILL IT Pre-Workout Supplement – MassiveJoes.com RAW REVIEW Australia

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  1. MassiveJoes.com says:

    +Rich Piana 

  2. bman b says:

    whats better, mts clash vs rich piana 5% both stacked with noxygen

  3. Progressive House says:

    please be yourself do not copy hodgetwins is just annoying man…

  4. Kyle Grimm says:

    I try to avoid watching massivjoes videos, because frankly the give me a
    fucking headache, turn down the pretentious bullshit

  5. Jason C says:

    How many scoops did you take before this Raw Review?!

  6. ThePowerhouseHD says:

    Just came here (with adblock plus, sorry) to say that these guys suck
    massive cock and are a failed replication of the hodgetwins.

  7. Nuth34d says:

    oh hey a really bad replica of hodgetwins !

  8. Zulhairil Zaki says:

    lol these guys are just copying hodgetwins

  9. Bryon Lape says:

    The white Hodge twin.

  10. Alvaro Grados says:

    You copied the hodgetwins , be original man

  11. MartinBrahh says:

    they are trying to be the hodgettwins so fucking hard, fucking shitty as

  12. philip hartig says:

    Just because 2 guys sits in front of a camera and says MAN! does not make
    them a HogdetTwins copy.

  13. Peter Olley says:

    You two need to save your money and not waist it on preworkouts ,, I love
    rich pianna but get real boys if you wanna train like a animal that’s down
    to your mindset ! No drink will fix that ,, to even review this stuff shows
    your lack of gym experience !!!!

  14. Mark Byerley says:

    You sad bastard u are a proper retard first video I have watched if yours
    and the fucking last weirdos

  15. Chance Stoner says:

    Does it contain shellfish? Please let me know. Couldn’t find an allergen

  16. Smokey0791 says:

    Are you two homosexuals ?

  17. The Beast says:


  18. gaetano viviano says:


  19. Matt Horgan says:

    Awesome just ordered this and all day you may. Just wondering if I
    can/should use kill-it with maybe half or full scoop of hemavol? Or is it
    not recommended? Thanks Joe 

  20. WahrerDrache says:

    How annoying this guy is…

  21. Zhe Mann says:


  22. kk55ize says:

    dude you are so fucking annoying nobody thinks you sound like the hodgtwins
    fucking clown 

  23. Ivan Tenorio says:

    Done stack review of clash and noxygen 

  24. Yunier Fernandez says:

    This guy is annoying as fuck 

  25. 2rytmc says:

    Could we be seeing a Supp wars with this and MTS Clash?

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