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NUTRITION is the new medicine by Dr Paul Clayton

http://www.drpaulclayton.com Dr Paul Clayton is asked ” Doctors -Why do most dismiss nutritional supplements ? ” Visit Dr Paul Clayton at: http://www.drpaul…Video Rating: 5 / 5


Dr Paul Clayton -High blood pressure REDUCE it FAST

http://www.drpaulclayton.com/scripts/heathiss-%20Cardiovascular.aspx Dr Paul Clayton is asked ”High Blood Pressure – can I reduce it ?” Information on life …Video Rating: 4 / 5


Introducing Samantha Clayton, fitness expert – Herbalife Ind. Distributor – www.herbalizedhealth.com

http://www.herbalizedhealth.com Dr. Luigi Gratton welcomes Samantha Clayton, fitness expert & former competitive sprinter to Herbalife. Samantha brings a wea…Video Rating: 5 / 5


Dr Paul Clayton -Do Vitamin supplements work?

www.drpaulclayton.com Getting The Combination At one time you would have had to buy the nutrients I recommend individually. However buying the nutrients separately is expensive, and tiresome, so a combination brand can be a better buy. Combination Brands There are two manufacturers offering a formula that I think qualifies as comprehensive: the Uni-Vite NutriShield brand …

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Vitamin Supplements – Dr Paul Clayton

www.uni-vite.com www.drpaulclayton.com I believe that it is possible to stay healthy into ripe old age and to prevent, stabilise and even perhaps to reverse, many of the chronic degenerative diseases. Underpinning all my research and advice is this simple fact. Given the right nutrition and lifestyle, our bodies have amazing powers of self-healing and regeneration. …

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