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17 Year Old Natural Dead Lifts (Motivation)

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The advantages of ballistic kettlebell lifts.

In this video, we will take you through a basic ballistic kettlebell workout. We will show you some of the advantages you can benefit from with ballistic ket…Video Rating: 2 / 5


Lemon Lifts #18 – Creatine

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dead lifts overload set 265lbs :)

I train MAX-OT this was my last over load deadlift set i started 6 weeks ago at 150 and i was able to gain so much cause of my celltech hard core and overloa…


The FDA Lifts Ephedra Ban and Makes Ephedrine Legal

Start losing weight now with the powerful thermogenic effect of Ephedrine! Visit ephedrinediet.org to learn how you can boost your metabolism and burn up to 25 extra pounds per year! More on this topic ephedrinediet.org There is much confusion out there now with regards to the legal status of the weight loss supplement Ephedra. This …

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Hip Mobility For Heavy Lifts, Juice, Low Bar vs High Bar Squat, Eating Clean, How To Stop Smoking

I provide health education for FREE on youtube, if you have a question about health for you, your family, or your animal, leave your questions below in the comments, on my youtube profile, facebook, twitter, tumblr. If you would like to donate for these services, feel free to leave to donation via paypal to cintronbrandon@yahoo.com …

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Plastic surgery Can Wait – Trans D Tropin Fades Wrinkles and Lifts Sagging Skin

www.transd.com See before and after pics as well as what customers have to say about what trans d did for them. Click link above to visit official site and learn more about TransDTropin. Coupon Code for first time order discount: 6806 Trans D Tropin has helped me immensely. From giving me far more energy, better …

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