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Review Nokia Asha 501 [Thai Language]

รีวิว Nokia Asha 501 http://nokiagang.com/review-nokia-asha-501/ ‎ เริ่มวางจำหน่ายกันไปแล้วกับ Nokia Asha 501 ในราคา 2990 บาท ที่มาพร้อมกับระบบปฏิบัติการใหม…


Nokia N900 as car dash cam test #2 – success.

First attempt: www.youtube.com Having made an innovative camera stabiliser out of blu-tac I once again drive from Mynyddislwyn to Wattsville to test. Here is the stabiliser: www.lum.co.uk This time it went a lot better. I think the biggest problem is that there’s no hope of ever reading a numberplate unless you’re doing under 10mph and …

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Mobile Fun: Nokia Car Kit CK-300 & Car Menu App

Video showing how easy it is to access and control your handset using the new Nokia CK-300 Bluetooth Car Kit. As well as taking calls, the CK-300 allows you to listen to your music, have your emails and text messages read out to you and navigate your way around using Nokia Maps. For more information …

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